» I've had my browser crash more times than I care to count because of annoying ads. That's probably the browser's fault more than anything but with Ads Killer I don't have to worry about it anymore. They kill the advertisements and I just get to enjoy the freedom. My browser hasn't crashed in months and that's a good thing.
User Aiko, jp
» Do you ever browse video game forums? I love to read about games but the ads on those forums are unbearable. There's one online game that posts these stupid things with hot girls that have nothing to do with the game just to get you to click. It makes me feel like an idiot for browsing the forum. With Ads Killer my problem is solved because those annoying banners are gone forever.
User Liam, ca
» Banner ads are the scourge of the internet. They should be eradicated and eliminated because they don't work. Companies aren't going to stop selling ad space though so I went with Ads Killer to solve my problem. It makes all the banners and text ads and all that crap just disappear. It's a godsend for people like me that get so frustrated with that kind of content.
User Jonas, de
» These rich banner ads are the things that really piss me off. They always have so much stuff going on that it's distracting. I'm trying to read an article and there's this silly rich ad flashing off to the right taking my attention away. Sometimes the colors are really freaking annoying too. Who designs these things? Ads Killer killed `em and I love them for that.
User Ava Powell, us
» If people didn't come up with offensive ads I wouldn't really mind them. Sometimes when I'm browsing a site I see the kind of advertisement that makes me wish I could shut my browser immediately. Stuff where they put scantily clad women right in the picture is really freaking annoying and it should be banished forever. Ads Killer is pretty good at that, which is why I bought the program.
User Liz26, ca
» The first time I fired up my browser after installing Ads Killer it was amazing. It was like a religious experience. My life had changed in an instant. Okay, it wasn't that amazing but it was still totally different than it had been before. The internet was changed for the better and I was excited about trying out all my favorite sites to see what they would look like without the ads.
User Jun Wang, cn
» I've actually tried other ad blocking software before and Ads Killer is my favorite. It works better than the other ones and it's so easy to use. I had it installed and ready to go in just a few minutes and the difference is remarkable. It's like you're browsing an entirely new internet. If you don't want to spend the money that's fine but you're missing out.
User Enzo Marinelli, it
» My computer is kind of old and crappy but I don't have the money to buy a new one. The problem is that the ads online really make it hard to browse. Everything is so darn slow. When I came across Ads Killer I was nervous about buying so I checked out the trial. It worked well and I took the plunge. I'm totally glad I did too because it works really well. No more slowing ads for me!
User Michael Price, us
» I don't mind banner ads so much but I really hate the text ads that I see talking about IQ tests and stuff. I like to visit ESPN.com a lot and there are always these stupid ads about how certain sports stars have a certain IQ and that I should click to see if mine matches up. Really? I can't believe a company like ESPN is even letting that stuff on their site. Luckily it's all gone now thanks to Ads Killer.
User angle_fire, us
» I was just on Yahoo the other day and they had this enormous ad that took over the main page. Without me even clicking anything it just opened up and covered the search box and everything else. What the hell is that? I even clicked on it accidentally and that's when I knew I had to go and get myself an ad blocking program. I searched through a bunch but Ads Killer was the one I liked best.
User IcEBoX, gb
» The ads I hate the most are the ones with sounds. Have you ever seen the ones that say something like «Congratulations, you've just won a free iPod!» I hate those! I hate it when there's a site with two or three banner spots and they actually open multiple ads at the same time so I hear that damn thing over and over and over again and it seems to get louder each time. Ads Killer made those ads die and I love them for it.
User Lulu_f, fr