Saving on your monthly bills

If you have a capped internet service or you pay your ISP based on how much you download then you need a program like Ads Killer. Those banners are all costing you money because you have to download them. If they’re blocked then you’ll save cash and the program will pay for itself.

Websites load faster

There’s nothing more frustrating than a site that takes forever to load. Advertisements are a big part of that, usually because they’re being called from a separate server. That’s annoying and it doesn’t need to be the case. Ads Killer will make sure they don’t load and speed everything up for you.

Almost all types of ads are blocked

Ads Killer is developed to block almost all types of internet advertising. Every so often someone will develop something new that sneaks past our filter but as soon as we know about it we develop a way of blocking that as well. You’ll never have to see banners, pop ups, pop unders, flash ads and more.

Works with all modern browsers

Whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome or another browser you'll have the ads blocked. We make sure to code the program to work with everything on the market so you’re free to go from browser to browser as you see fit. Use them all if you’d like!

It’s easy to use

Ads Killer is easy to install with just a few clicks. It takes up just a little bit of room on your hard drive and to get it working all you to do is restart your browser of choice. You can also customize your ad blocking with a few clicks. You can turn it off entirely or raise the security level to get everything.

24/7 support is offered

If you ever have any problem with Ads Killer our support team will be there to help you. Contact them and any issues you might be suffering will be taken care of. It couldn’t be any easier. They’re friendly and helpful and their goal is to ensure that you come away feeling confident.

No spyware/adware included

A surprising number of supposedly helpful programs include insidious spyware and adware with their installations but we don’t bog you down with system sucking software like that. Ads Killer is the only thing that will be installed and it’s always going to be helpful in making your browsing experience better.