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Ads Killer is cheap and we have three options you can purchase if you’re interested in freeing your browsing experience from the scourge of annoying advertisements. We also have a free trial if you want to get a sample of how the program works. It’s a perfect solution if you don’t want to jump in with your cash. Here are the prices:

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» Banner ads are the scourge of the internet. They should be eradicated and eliminated because they don't work. Companies aren't going to stop selling ad space though so I went with Ads Killer to solve ...
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» These rich banner ads are the things that really piss me off. They always have so much stuff going on that it's distracting. I'm trying to read an article and there's this silly rich ad flashing off t...
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» The first time I fired up my browser after installing Ads Killer it was amazing. It was like a religious experience. My life had changed in an instant. Okay, it wasn't that amazing but it was still to...
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» Do you ever browse video game forums? I love to read about games but the ads on those forums are unbearable. There's one online game that posts these stupid things with hot girls that have nothing to ...
User Liam, ca