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People want to make money off of your eyeballs. That’s why they sell advertisements on their sites. To get your attention those advertisements have to be pretty invasive and annoying. You don’t want to see that though. You want to be free of annoying ads. Ads Killer is the perfect program to block all those annoying pop ups and banners that clutter your browsing experience and annoy the heck out of you.

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» I don't mind banner ads so much but I really hate the text ads that I see talking about IQ tests and stuff. I like to visit a lot and there are always these stupid ads about how certain sport...
User angle_fire, us
» I was just on Yahoo the other day and they had this enormous ad that took over the main page. Without me even clicking anything it just opened up and covered the search box and everything else. What t...
User IcEBoX, gb
» The first time I fired up my browser after installing Ads Killer it was amazing. It was like a religious experience. My life had changed in an instant. Okay, it wasn't that amazing but it was still to...
User Jun Wang, cn
» The ads I hate the most are the ones with sounds. Have you ever seen the ones that say something like «Congratulations, you've just won a free iPod!» I hate those! I hate it when there's a...
User Lulu_f, fr